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Daniel Pearl’s Life and Career/ A Mighty Heart January 24, 2008

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He was an American journalist.  He was kidnapped and murdered in Karachi, Pakistan.  At the time he was kidnapped he was investigating the shoe bomber, Richard Reid.  In March 2007 there was a closed hearing in Guantanamo Bay and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed stated that he had personally beheaded Pearl. 

            He was born in Princeton, New Jersey.  He grew up in Los Angeles, California.  His mother is of Iraqi Jewish descent.  He attended Stanford University.  He was a communications major.  He co-founded a student news paper called the Stanford Commentator. 

            Pearl began working for the Wall Street Journal in 1990 in Atlanta.  He moved to Washington D.C. in 1993 to cover telecommunications.  His most notable articles covered the ethnic wars of Balkans, where he discovered charges of alleged genocide in Kosovo.  During his career he met and married Mariane Van Neyenhoff.  They had a son named Adam Daniel Pearl who was born in Paris on March 28, 2002, three months after Daniel died. 

            Pearl was kidnapped by a militant group called The National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty.  They thought that Pearl was a CIA agent.  He was beheaded and he was buried in a shallow grave on the outskirts of Karachi.  His body was found on May 16, 2002.

            The movie A Mighty Heart portrays the time Daniel Pearl spent in Pakistan.  It shows the hard time his wife, Mariane, went though when her husband was kidnapped.  It also shows all the hard work the entire crew went through while trying to find Daniel.  Although the movie doesn’t show Daniel’s early life, I think it does a pretty good job of portraying his time spent in Pakistan.


Infortainer–Katie Couric January 17, 2008

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Katie Couric has achieved many things throughout her career. In September of 2006, she became the first woman to solo-anchor the weekday evening news. In 2006, she also moved from NBC to CBS. Couric first became well-known as a co-host of the Today Show on NBC. She is currently the anchor and managing editor of the CBS evening news. She began her reporting career when she was hired by Stan Hooper as a desk assistant for ABC News. In the animated move Shark Tale Katie did the voice of a news reporter named “Katie Current.” She co-hosted the live coverage of Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade between 1991 and 2005. She has interviewed many international political figures including Presidents Jerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, both George Bush’s, and Bill Clinton. She won the Peabody Award for her series on Colon Cancer.

Katie Couric has been criticized for blurring the lines between entertainment and reporting. It has been said that her choice of short skirts while on the Today Show has led to her legs being one of the most widely identified aspects of her onscreen persona as well as the subject of many commentaries and websites.

In order to be a more serious journalist she might want to wear pants or longer skirts. I think people would take her more seriously if she chose more serious work instead of working on projects such as Austin Powers and animated movies. She should focus more on news instead of entertainment and comedy. I think if she did all of the above items people, especially women, will respect her more and look up to her. I think she will also be taken more seriously by everyone if she focused more on important news coverage than entertainment.


Oil Prices on the Rise. January 7, 2008

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The weekly average price per barrel of oil, as decided by OPEC, reached 92.62 last week.  The price of oil has risen for five consecutive weeks.  An armed raid at the Harcourt oil port in Nigeria may have caused the rise in oil prices because people are worried about the oil that is supplied there.  The port there is the world’s eighth largest oil exporter.  Friday, January 4, 2007 the average price of oil dropped 0.27 in the U.S.  People believe that oil prices will remain high because of increasing demand.  Oil prices may continue to rise until the end of the first quarter of 2008. 

Oil prices hit a record high of 100.09 dollars last Thursday.  New York’s main contract fell 51 cents to 97.40 dollars per barrel.  Economist fear that the demand for oil along with the weakness of the U.S. dollar will cause major economic problems.  Sham, an economist, agreed oil prices should lower after the first quarter of 2008 when the northern hemisphere winter is nearly over.  He added, “The possibility of prices rebounding to the 100 mark is always there.”

Last week oil prices in New York topped $100 a barrel for the first time because the cold weather in Europe and America increased the demand. Violence in Nigeria also raised concerns about supplies.  Shell is Europe’s largest oil company.  The Shell Company estimates by 2015 about 15% of its production will come from unconventional oil projects, such as its oil sands operations in Canada. Rising oil prices are slowing down new production projects. Shell’s chief executive stated that he is surprised that the demand for oil is so high considering the prices.


I believe that there is no way to stop the rising prices of oil.  We could try but I don’t think we could stop it completely.  With the demand for oil being so high I don’t think we could possibly stop the price from rising.  We could try to use less oil to help make the demand lower therefore making the prices drop.  I think that we have to much dependency on oil and we don’t have a large enough supply to support our high demand.



1. How do you think we could help lower the price of oil?

2. What other causes can you think of that might be influencing the high price of oil?




Blood Diamonds December 21, 2007

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Blood diamonds are also known as “conflict diamonds.”  Conflict diamonds are diamonds that come from places that are controlled by people opposed to internationally recognized governments. Conflict diamonds are used to fund military action that is opposed to government.  These blood diamonds are used to fuel wars because they are often used by rebel forces to purchase arms and other illegal things. Neighboring countries can be used as trading grounds for blood diamonds. Once these diamonds are brought to market, their origin is difficult to trace and once they are polished, they can no longer be identified.

In July 2000, the global diamond industry dedicated itself to getting rid of the trade of conflict diamonds. It worked closely with the United Nations to create the Kimberley Process Certification System. This system was formally adopted in 2003. 

Certified diamonds from Africa are not a bad thing.  They do have benefits. Some benefits are money from diamonds enable every child in Botswana to receive free education up to the age of 13.  The diamond mining industry generates over 40% of Namibia’s annual export earnings.  Almost one million people in India are employed by the diamond industry.  The money from diamonds is extremely useful in the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  Around 5 million people have access to healthcare globally thanks because of money from diamonds. 

I think that conflict diamonds are definitely not a good thing they cause major problems in African countries.  I think that certified diamonds are a good thing.  They help support poor African countries.  They are used to fund useful foundations and healthcare for Africans who can’t afford it.  Overall I think it is a good thing that the United Nations is tightening the restrictions on blood diamonds and making it harder for them to get in with the rest of the certified diamonds.


Homesourcing…Wave of the Future or Problem for All December 13, 2007

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Homesourcing…the newest innovation in the business world, how will it effect us? Homesourcing will be a growing trend because it allows individuals to work from home.  While working they would be able to deal with their other obligations.  It would benefit many people.  For individuals with children they have the opportunity to stay home and take care of their children along with the chance to be a part of the child’s growing up experience.  As an added bonus they won’t have to pay for a babysitter or a daycare. 

Homesourcing could benefit my family because my mom’s job could definitely be homesourced as long as we would have the right internet connections and other communication connections, as well as the right computer programs (spreadsheets, etc.).  Her entire job is all done on the computer, so she would easily be able to do all her work at home and then e-mail it to the appropriate people.  I think homesourcing could benefit me with my future career if I decided to choose a career that involved computer technology.


Homesourcing could help save money because companies wouldn’t have to go through hassle of starting up an office.  They wouldn’t have to rent or buy and office space, they wouldn’t have to buy all the equipment for an office, and the employees wouldn’t have to waste gas to drive to an office building.  It would also save the company money if the employees already have the equipment they need at home ready to use.  The employees could save money by not having to drive and not having to pay for a babysitter or daycare.


Homesourcing has caused problems because people are isolated and they don’t get out and socialize if they work from home.  Homesourcing is also a problem when it comes to people with children.  If they are trying to work at home and their children are bothering them they may not be able to work as efficiently as they could in a quiet office.  Another problem with homesourcing is if the employees don’t have the right technology at home it makes hassles for the company.


Overall, homesourcing can be very efficient.  If you keep the employees happy, the company suffers less.


Grizzly Man November 28, 2007

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The world is fascinated by individuals like Timothy Treadwell.  We find these individuals interesting because of their rash actions and their outrageous adventures. 

Timothy Treadwell is known as the Grizzly Man because of his love for bears.  Many people thought he was crazy because of his love for bears, his disobedience for the government, and his wilderness adventures.  I disagree with these people.  I don’t think that Treadwell was insane.  I think he honestly believed that he was protecting the animals by educating the public about bears.  He may seem different but he obviously knew what he was doing and he thought he was doing the right thing.  I think he is sane because he was only doing what he believed in.  If he was insane he wouldn’t have been able to fully understand what even he believed in.


Although he did think that people were against him or out to get him, he may have had his motives.  He may have thought this because he was so detached from human society that he perceived these signs as threats, even though they may not have been meant as threats.  He lived out in the wild for so long that he became more connected to the wilderness and the bears than he was to his own society.  I think that people just didn’t understand his thinking or way of life.  He chose to live differently than the rest of society therefore people perceived him as insane.


Conquering The Problem of Greenhouse Gases October 11, 2007

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Greenhouse gases have been a controversial issue for a long time, as well as what we should do about the rising problem of depleting ozone.  Greenhouse gases are parts of the atmosphere that contribute to the greenhouse effect. The natural component of the greenhouse effect is necessary for Earth to be habitable. Some greenhouse gases occur naturally in the atmosphere, while others result from human activities such as burning of fossil fuels. Greenhouse gases include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone. CFCs are greenhouse gases that are regulated by the Montreal Protocol, which was motivated by CFCs’ contribution to ozone depletion rather than by their contribution to global warming. Ozone depletion plays only a small part in greenhouse warming. 

I believe that we need to find a solution to the problem of greenhouse gases very quickly, because at the rate that the levels of these gases are increasing in our atmosphere our earth will soon be almost uninhabitable.  With the increase in greenhouse gases we are slowly killing our rainforests and animals.  Greenhouse gases are also causing global warming and global warming leads to many problems.  With increasing emissions coming from the extra burning of fossil fuels we are contributing more and more to the problem of greenhouse gases.  I think we need to find other energy and fuel sources to try to slow down, if not stop the problem of greenhouse gases and global warming.