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Giant Spider Webs September 6, 2007

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Lake Tawkoni State Park has recently had a very interesting discovery.  On July 14, 2007 a woman and her son were biking on the trails through Lake Tawkoni State Park and they came across a beautiful yet creepy scene.  They stumbled upon massive spider webs, reaching up to 9 feet high and across several trees. The woman says “it was beautiful yet it looked like something out of a science fiction movie.”  


Many colleges and universities are looking into the different types of spiders found in the web.  A student, from Texas A&M University, collected several different spiders and a sample of the web for observation.  The sample was collected on August 31 and on September 2nd they have already identified 11 different types of spiders that were living in the giant web.  The most common spider found in the web was tetragnathids (long-jawed orb weavers), but there were also several other kinds.  The experts at Texas A&M University are still working on identifying the many other types of spiders that were living in the web.


Over Labor Day weekend over 3,000 people went to Lake Tawkoni State Park to see the massive web.  These types of massive spider webs have also been found in Florida, California, Ohio, Italy, and Canada and most recently Texas.


One Response to “Giant Spider Webs”

  1. kristinalyn Says:

    Spider webs are very unique. It is interesting to see what they look like and to know how they are formed or “spun.” It depends on the type of spider to determine the type of web that is created. People would assume that large webs, such as the one discovered in Lake Tawkoni State Park, are spun by large spiders. However, that may not necessarily be true. This large web could have been created by many small spiders working together. That is my theory.

    In my opinion, spider webs are a really fascinating source of nature. You are able to get a good sence of the spiders capability and smart tactics, being able to spin such incredible webs such as this large one that has been stumbled upon by two bikers. I would have stood in “aww” to have been able to see such an amazing art of nature.

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