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Grizzly Man November 28, 2007

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The world is fascinated by individuals like Timothy Treadwell.  We find these individuals interesting because of their rash actions and their outrageous adventures. 

Timothy Treadwell is known as the Grizzly Man because of his love for bears.  Many people thought he was crazy because of his love for bears, his disobedience for the government, and his wilderness adventures.  I disagree with these people.  I don’t think that Treadwell was insane.  I think he honestly believed that he was protecting the animals by educating the public about bears.  He may seem different but he obviously knew what he was doing and he thought he was doing the right thing.  I think he is sane because he was only doing what he believed in.  If he was insane he wouldn’t have been able to fully understand what even he believed in.


Although he did think that people were against him or out to get him, he may have had his motives.  He may have thought this because he was so detached from human society that he perceived these signs as threats, even though they may not have been meant as threats.  He lived out in the wild for so long that he became more connected to the wilderness and the bears than he was to his own society.  I think that people just didn’t understand his thinking or way of life.  He chose to live differently than the rest of society therefore people perceived him as insane.


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