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Blood Diamonds December 21, 2007

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Blood diamonds are also known as “conflict diamonds.”  Conflict diamonds are diamonds that come from places that are controlled by people opposed to internationally recognized governments. Conflict diamonds are used to fund military action that is opposed to government.  These blood diamonds are used to fuel wars because they are often used by rebel forces to purchase arms and other illegal things. Neighboring countries can be used as trading grounds for blood diamonds. Once these diamonds are brought to market, their origin is difficult to trace and once they are polished, they can no longer be identified.

In July 2000, the global diamond industry dedicated itself to getting rid of the trade of conflict diamonds. It worked closely with the United Nations to create the Kimberley Process Certification System. This system was formally adopted in 2003. 

Certified diamonds from Africa are not a bad thing.  They do have benefits. Some benefits are money from diamonds enable every child in Botswana to receive free education up to the age of 13.  The diamond mining industry generates over 40% of Namibia’s annual export earnings.  Almost one million people in India are employed by the diamond industry.  The money from diamonds is extremely useful in the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  Around 5 million people have access to healthcare globally thanks because of money from diamonds. 

I think that conflict diamonds are definitely not a good thing they cause major problems in African countries.  I think that certified diamonds are a good thing.  They help support poor African countries.  They are used to fund useful foundations and healthcare for Africans who can’t afford it.  Overall I think it is a good thing that the United Nations is tightening the restrictions on blood diamonds and making it harder for them to get in with the rest of the certified diamonds.


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