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Locker 890 November 15, 2007

locker2.jpgLocker 890 means nothing to those who stroll by it day after day and think nothing of it, but for my friends and I, it is the place to be when you’re looking to chat or just looking for a good friend.  Locker 890 belongs to me and it commonly stores my backpack, jacket and other school necessities.  On a normal daily basis I come and go to my locker before and after every class to put away and retrieve my belongings.  My locker is quite a mess but it is definitely special because if you really dig you can find just about anything you need in it. If my friends are ever looking for something they usually come to my locker and I tell to dig and if they can find it they can use it.  It is a common gathering place for friends.  Being next to the lunch room we definitely get some interesting smells, plus some of the other people who have lockers around mine have some very interesting friends who also like to gather in that spot.  During passing time in between classes, before and after school, and during lunch is when this area sees the most action.   

Different groups of people come and go randomly and some stay to chat and goof around with their friends but the same few always remain.  On occasion we get the lost stranger trying to find their way to class or looking for another acquaintance, but we always have the usual group of friends consisting of Kristina, Brianna, Steph, Alicia, Rae Ann and myself.  To capture the real moments without being an influence on the environment you should position yourself in the corner by the outer doors.  If you wait long enough you will see the daily life of locker 890.  In my freshmen year I probably spent the most time here because I was unfamiliar with the school and this was the one place I knew I would always be able to find a friend.  Then in my sophomore year it became less important, although still a place to gather and discuss the daily hassles it seemed like less of a safe spot because I was getting to know the school better.  This year we still continue to gather at locker 890 and it will remain our place to find each other until the end of next year when we sadly reach our end of our high school career as seniors.


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